Friday, December 09, 2005

Frustrating Friday

It's cold! Didn't get enough above freezing yesterday to thaw the water in the dog bowls on the deck. Mom kept "The Boys" and Ms Pogie in all day and all night with only 10 minute pottie breaks outside. Surprisingly, they all were pretty well-behaved and Mom only had a few messes to clean up. We (BJ, MissyLu and I) refer to the boys and MsPogie as the "outside" kids because they spend more time outside than we do. They even sleep outside on the deck when the weather's nice. I used to be an outside kid, but after Ms PoppyLu died Mom needed a lot of comforting so I stepped up to help.

One of the reasons Mom is so itchy about getting the downstairs remodelling job finished is because she's having a "doggie door" installed so everyone can come and go as they please. And there isn't going to be any carpeting downstairs so cleaning up accidents won't be a big deal. Mom has every cleaning device known to Woman, but she says the aroma we leave behind when we leave our calling cards resists all cleaning and is unpleasant to humans. Fancy that. Mind you, I NEVER make mistakes inside and neither does BJ, but MissyLu and the boys are still very young and haven't quite learned all the rules.

You're wondering where the "Frustrating" comes in on this Friday. Well, that's for Mom. Her computer connection is suffering a severe slow down. She has a cable connection, but it has been slow to the point of being unresponsive. Would you believe...her "backup" dialup service is working better than her cable broadband. She couldn't even help me with my Blog here until she got me on the dialup!! She tried everything...even disconnected her router...but nothing seems to help. I had to put my paws over my ears for the language!!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tough Tuesday!

Wow! One of those "nervous" days around here. Mom and Dad took BJ off to her Dr's appointment this morning and it was more than my curly tail is worth to push for a treat today! Since I'm very perceptive, I knew they were really worried. That "teeth cleaning" turned into three extractions and some sutures. OUCH! Also, BJ is less than 4 months from her 10th birthday and she's a bit high-strung for a Pug, so anesthesia and major dental surgery are a bit tension making.

But BJ came through just fine. She came back home around 5:30 with her Christmas Holly bandana and a festive pink bandage around the leg where her IV drip was. I got to ride with Dad to pick her up and I gave her a thorough check up when we got back to the house. She's my pal, I gotta make sure she's OK.

Mom says when she's worried she needs to keep busy. Well, she certainly was busy today. She was up and down the ladder to the attic getting Christmas decorations and then she was downstairs helping Dad put in the bathroom floor for the remod. She's been keeping so busy yesterday and today that she even turned off the computer! Now that BJ's all better maybe we can get back to normal and start getting our treats again.

(Poor BJ can't have crunchy treats for 14 days!! Can you imagine?? 14 DAYS!)

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Donut Sunday!

YES!!! Dad isn't going to the office today so I got to go to Home Depot and the donut shop!! YEA!
Saw some of my buds that work at Home Depot, but it was a bit early for kids to be out, so there weren't any of them to come up to pet me. We were gone for a long time.

Dad shared my donut holes with the rest of the kids when we got back home. Really ticked me off, but I didn't show it. I sat calmly while Dad called out the names of the others. Hooter was a real pain in the backside...he actually jumped up and got a piece of donut hole Dad said was for MissyLu! Mom had to step out on the porch and tell Hooter, "You better SIT!" before he started to behave.

When Dad moved the van to the garage he invited BJ to go along for the ride. I didn't mind. BJ had such a rough ride coming home from the vet's last week that none of us knew if she would even survive. She got really upset and sick, and Mom got scared when BJ didn't even calm down for over 24 hours after we got home. Mom doesn't know if it was riding in the van, being at the vet, or some reaction to vaccines or wormers that upset BJ so much. Mom suspects being at the vet's might be a problem because last time we were all boarded when Mom and Dad went on vacation, BJ got sick. When Mom and Dad got home, BJ had no symptoms at all. And now BJ has an appointment with Dr. Neil for a teeth cleaning next Tuesday and Mom's really worried. I hope all goes well.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

No Donuts today!

Bummer! Dad had to work this morning so I don't get my Saturday morning trip to town and that stop at the donut shop. I was bouncing around at his heels as he was heading for the door, but Mom picked me up and said I couldn't go today. Talk about a mood-squasher!

Then Mom went off to town to do her monthly shopping gig with her friend Valerie. They talk on the phone a lot, so I know Valerie has a lot of dogs of the Italian Greyhound breed. Mom used to have those. In fact, it was after her 13 year old IG, Lacey (Ch. Pixie Lace of Willowmere) died in 1989 that Mom got her first Pug. I'm sure glad Mom picked out a Pug...although the way she tells the story, it was that Pug, Ms PoppyLu, that picked her. Interesting story, that...I'll tell it sometime.

Mom bought doggie stuff, as usual, but today she got mostly chewies. She's taking Dr Neil's comments about our weight much too seriously, in my opinion.

Dad's doing his annual Santa impersonation on weekends all this month, so he's not going to be getting a lot done on the house remodeling. Mom was hoping he and his helpful friends could get the "doggie door" installed so all us kids would have free access, but Dad hasn't got a round tuit, so it's not done yet. Dad really has a problem with those round tuits...he has so much to do but everything needs him to get a round tuit and that's not happening.

Oooh...Dad just called Mom and he's on his way home...I missed the trip to the donut shop, but maybe I'll get to go to Home Depot!!! Gotta go help Mom check the building supplies list!!!


Friday, December 02, 2005

It begins

Who woulda ever thunk I am, a dog pound dog with my own personal web blog. Wow! ....OK, Mom reminds me that I'm probably not the first....but that doesn't lessen my wonder and delight! There are very few absolute "firsts" in this world, but when it happens to YOU it's an occasion, right?

Mom wants to know what I'm going to do with my blog. Hey...I'm a dog...I'm going to talk about what's important to me. That's food, shelter, food, companionship, food, play, food, etc. Hmmm...well, Mom says I've overemphasized the food a bit, but I'm just a bit focused on it at present because we've all been on reduced treat rations since our last vet visit. Sigh.

It's really difficult to try to see the world from a human perspective. Don't get me wrong...I love humans. But they are so self-important sometimes. They don't seem to grasp the fact that in the "BIG PICTURE" of continuing life on this planet they are of less importance than bees. Not that I'm fond of bees, mind you, and I fully realize that I owe the existence of my entire species (canis domesticus or something like that) to humans, but you know, really, humans are not very smart as a species.

But there I'm getting above myself. I'm a dog. I've had my breakfast, I've been outside, I need a nap.