Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Projects

The weather hints at an early spring. Hmmm...Mom's not so sure that it's a good thing to be so nice and warm this early. The peach tree is blooming and will really get a setback if we have another freeze, she says. 'Course I don't eat a lot of peaches, so I really don't care. Just so long as the dog food crop comes in regular. Arf!

Hey! I'm over at loldogs almost every day. It's my kinda place. You should come see! You'll laugh! I don't laugh, of course, but I snurffle with pleasure, doncha know?

Hehe. Dad's friend, a former electrician, came over and installed a plug for Mom's Spa-in-a-box. He put it in upside down. Mom had to take off the plastic cover and turn it upside down so she could plug in the pump to inflate the cover. Looks silly.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rolling right along

Here we go, New Year. Still in drought & Mom is not happy. On the other hand, she's through with her Herceptin infusions, so she's happy.

Drought has inspired Mom to buy bark mulch for the outdoor dog pen. Trying to keep down the know how we Pugs hate dust!

Back before Christmas Mom bought a "spa-in-a-box." She needed to have a foundation to set it on so she asked Dad to build her an 8' X 8' platform. Well, Dad being Dad, he had to upgrade and built a larger, fully enclosed (with lattice) room. Mom's $100 platform became an $800 outdoor room. I won't get any use out of it, of course, but since it was the January "project" it is worth noting.

Mom moved MsPogie's digs to the deck right outside her (Mom's) bedroom door. Now that MsPogie is blind, Mom feels she needs to keep her close by. MsPogie has seldom set paw on dirt since she's been here, but she made a break for it the other day and sneaked out when Mom wasn't looking. Mom spotted her down at the garage & liked to have had a stroke. But Pogie was retrieved and seemed to suffer no ill effects, so all is well.

Did I tell you that both BJ and I are on arthritis supplements? BJ will be 13 years old on March 18 and she's pretty stiff in the joints at times. I'm not that old, but Mom feels the supplement won't hurt me and may even keep me more comfortable longer. Now, Pogie is older than any of us, but she's still spry even though blind! Must be that "hybrid vigor." [whisper] She's a mixed breed - poodle/chihuahua - you know.

I gotta go.