Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dog Days of August!

Wow! Mom's really depressed on account of the continued heat and lack of rain. She gets out and waters every day, but still her plants droop and die. Only 4 days this month have officially topped out at less than 100 degrees. Most of the grass is long gone and there is little hope for the hedges along the driveway. Even the weeds are dying!

That new cat doesn't do much to cheer her up, either. It has clawed up her bedskirt, a tablecloth, and the fabric covering on the hope chest. All this in spite of several expensive playthings and a perfectly good Oak log brought in just for clawing.

MissyLu and the kitten have become great friends. They play together a lot & the kitten seems to think MissyLu makes a good substitute mom & tries to nurse on her. BJ mostly ignores Lucy (kitten) now, but occasionally I take it on myself to administer a bit of discipline. That cat just gets up my nose sometimes!