Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Am I getting Geeky?

I fear my Twittering has led me along a path to Geekdom. I've been having so much fun and have met so many friendly Pugs that Mom actually selected her new cell phone with the idea of tweeting from it for me. She checks out all the new Twitter apps with a zest formerly reserved for her photo processing. One of my TV faves, The Dog Whisperer, has a Twitter account and I'm a faithful follower. Seriously, I'm trying to get Mom to sign me up for a Facebook account so I can sign on as one of Daddy's fans!

Mom says this is not being a geek. She says geeks go more for technical knowledge and that I'm just getting into the social networking. OK, I can deal with that. I'm a dog. I'm a social creature. So I don't need to be a geek...but I need a geek to help me out with my social SHE is the geek, right?

I can live with that.


Monday, May 04, 2009

The Lusty Month of May!

Camelot strikes again!
Yes, and I've got my first hot spot! Right behind my right ear. Just a small one, Mom caught it early and it's on the mend.
Oh, I'm so busy Twittering! What fun! I've got lots of followers. I'd have lots more, but Mom checks them out and blocks those who are just trying to sell stuff and those who don't seem to be "right" for me.

I spent the weekend helping Dad build a pole barn for the horses. I mostly watched, but I'm sure my moral support was very beneficial. Saturday I got to ride to town in Dad's truck while he picked up lumber. We stopped for donuts! YAY!