Sunday, July 09, 2006

A New Addition

There's a new nuisance in our Pug lives...a kitten. Dad brought it home, but Mom and the Pugs have to deal with it. So OK, she's a cutie...but she's totally wild! MissyLu is trying to make friends, BJ is really working to restrain her natural instinct to chase and I'm mostly neutral...mostly.

That downstairs project is really moving along. Mom leaves the door open most of the day now & we can go up and down the stairs whenever we want....mostly.

Mom's happy because we've had some rain lately. She's been able to skip the daily watering routine for almost a week now. However, the rain did fill up one of her planters and she had to rescue a couple of Pentas from drowning. Her esperanza was too deeply entrenched to repot & may be a lost cause, but still the rain was a good thing...mostly.