Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog Days? I Don't Think So!

Now, I'm not sure where that phrase, "dog days of summer" came from, and I'm not sure what it is supposed to mean. But I can tell you this, from a dog's point of view, that there haven't been many days this summer that were good or enjoyable for dogs. Actually, since summer was official on June 21, there have been NO "dog" days here. Just too darn hot, too darn dry.

Can't lounge in the sun out on the deck. I'd fry! Pug Fritters NOT appealing! Can't amble through the grass snurffling all the interesting scents. There is no grass. Somehow, ambling through stickly prickly pine needles just doesn't do it for me.

Pug Sigh.

Mom to the rescue. She's got me tuned in to Twitter and gets me all excited talking about the Tweeterwall contests, Puppia harnesses, bully sticks and all manner of conversational delights with the PugPack. Mostly I just listen, but by golly, sometimes a bit of her enthusiasm inspires me to do a Pugtona around the living room.

So maybe I Will survive the "anti-dog" days of this summer...with a little help from Mom, the internet and my PugPack friends!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And The Heat Goes On

It's almost too much. Most days we see the reports on local news of record breaking high temperatures. My necessary visits outside are much shorter. Except for early morning strolls I seldom wander around to check out my territorial boundary markings. Life has become so constricted. Sigh.

Mom has to empty and refill all the outdoor watering stations at least twice a day 'cause it's so dry that Chloe's cavorting raises clouds of dust and the water gets dirty. Only Chloe and Buddy get to stay outside for very long and even they come inside during the heat of the day. Mom says it's time to switch from Pugs to Salukis. I know she's kidding...I know it.