Friday, January 09, 2015

New Year

Bye Bye, 2014. I already mentioned that cat Liberace died. Dunno if he came to the Bridge; I haven't seen any cats here.

 Pippin is here. He came to be with me December 16th, 2014. Total surprise to Mom as the Pip had been happy and frisky the day before. She heard a sound & woke up about 1AM. She went to the kitchen and found Pippin taking his last breath. He was only 10 1/2 years old. .

 And now there are only six. Muffin is on twice daily meds for his seizures. Hooter is still too heavy and has problems with his hind legs. Chloe is getting very gray around her face, but then, she's getting on for a Great Dane. Rough times for Buddy when there are fireworks, thunderstorms or someone shooting off guns. He has a Thundershirt and mom gives him calmative tablets, but they don't work 100%. .

                                            Buddy and Chloe

                                                        MissyLu, "The Princess"

                                                               Hooter and Muffin
Gracie, The Rat Terrier didn't want to have her picture taken & stayed curled up snoozing in her bed.


And that's the clan at the moment.  Mom says no more pets 'cause she's too old & doesn't want to worry about how her furkids would be taken care of when she dies. Mom misses me a lot.