Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What Price Celebrity?

My PugPack friend, JennyThePug announced today that she and her puglets had a spot on the local news. I thought that was great and sent a congrats tweet to her. But then my Mom stepped in and filled my Pug ears with facts I did NOT want to know.

Popularity has ruined more dog breeds than it has helped. Sad, but true. Once a breed becomes popular, backyard breeders and puppy mills want to cash in on that popularity and start producing puppies like they are widgets in a hot widget market!

The general public grabs a fad and runs with it without researching the consequences. For dogs, that means they don't consider the drawbacks or responsibilities inherent in the possession of that animal. Pugs in shelters rose to new highs after the movie, "Men In Black" popularized Frank the Pug.

So what we gonna do? NOT gonna hide our lights under a bushel...we're just too terrific for that! Don't wanna give the impression that everyone should have a Pug! We're too special for that! So how do we balance popularity with quality?

I don't know.