Friday, November 09, 2007

Falling behind big time!

I can't believe it has been so long since I put a paw to the keyboard!

Ok, Mom has been really busy, but that's no excuse, right?

Quick review:
Mom and Dad went on vacation and brother Fred stayed with us for over a week.
Mom and I collaborated on a book. We're going to give out copies of it for Christmas! Mom says when we get it to a certain level we will offer it for public consumption.
I've developed "spells." My head tilts over and I have a bit of trouble with my balance. First time this happened, Mom freaked out and rushed me to the vet. By the time she got there I was mostly recovered and the vet didn't have a clue...gave Mom some printed info on "seizures." Didn't really describe my problem at all. I've had two incidents since then, each less severe...I think it's because none of us are afraid of them now. They last for about 2 hours, then go away like they were never here.
MissyLu had blood in her urine. Same vet kept her overnight to try for a urine sample. When there was one, nothing showed up. Mom caught a sample with blood and took it in for testing. After three days, she called and was snipped at by tech: "we haven't got results yet, we'll call when we do." That was a couple of months ago.

Mom says we need to find a new vet.